Technology Roadmaps

Technology Roadmapping

Technology roadmaps are a technology forecasting and research-planning tool. They encompass the opinions from
a range of experts to help an organisation develop a strategy for the future direction of research and development. Technology roadmaps tend to look at a time range up to five to ten years because this is as far as can be realistically discussed without becoming speculation. The roadmap provides a foundation for planning areas of development both with internal and external partners.

Although a roadmap can take many different forms, most roadmaps are time-based charts made up of multiple layers. They typically cover market requirements, product or service deliverables and technology developments.

This set of roadmaps was created from a series of one-day meetings with invited experts in each respective field and focus specifically to the measurement and standards requirements in those fields. The resultant roadmaps create a framework for UK industry and academia to provide input. Teams within the NMS use the roadmaps to gauge future directions of technology and to ensure that the NMS research programmes will reflect the needs of the UK market.

The roadmaps on this site are a framework. This is to encourage people working within these sectors to contribute to and influence the content of the roadmaps, and in, turn influence the direction of research within the NMS.

Please take this opportunity to have a look at the roadmaps and submit your feedback.

These roadmaps were developed in conjunction with the Institute of Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge