Technology Roadmaps: Measurement Priorities for Sustainable Production and Consumption

The table below shows some measurement needs for the UK across key areas. The information is displayed according to where it fits into the NMS programmes. Click on any section for more information on that sector.

The given priority application areas were originally agreed at a series of roadmapping meetings. If you would like details of the prioritisation process or would like to comment on any aspect of the roadmaps, please complete the feedback form

Priority Application Areas Knowledge Base Cross-cutting themes / Other
Engineering and Flow Materials and Thermal Physical Ionising Radiation Chemical and Biological Software for Metrology
Lifecycle Cost Analysis   Data sets and models for life cycle analysis     Carbon footprint Life cycle analysis modelling and electronic data exchange Life cycle analysis and carbon foot-printing standards, public awareness, physical input and output analysis
Low-Energy Production Processes Production process (flow, pressure) and plant design, surface properties (hardness) Surfaces, powders, mechanical and structural properties, performance of non-standard components     Particulates Structural integrity and performance models Optimisation of traditional processes and knowledge transfer, and supply chain integration
Design for Recycling / Repair Flatness Trace and impurity measurement, residual life of used materials, and used component and surface analysis   Food treatment for long-life Rapid material identification, adhesives, and intelligent food packaging and cleanliness Component tagging, and mean time to failure modelling Public and market acceptance, design methodologies, and interfaces and modularity
Energy Efficient Products Flow, combustion and internal combustion engines Friction and tribology Electrical machines, sensors, component power reduction   Combustion processes Power management Regulation and standards for product power consumption and efficiency
Local Generation / Energy from Waste Combustion and flow   Power quality and noise impact   Quality and contamination of feedstock, efficient energy release, primary waste treatment. Energy systems modelling and control Derived standards for waste derived fuels