Technology Roadmaps: Measurement Priorities for The Intelligent Connected World

The table below shows some measurement needs for the UK across key areas. The information is displayed according to where it fits into the NMS programmes. Click on any section for more information on that sector.

The given priority application areas were originally agreed at a series of roadmapping meetings. If you would like details of the prioritisation process or would like to comment on any aspect of the roadmaps, please complete the feedback form

Priority Application Areas Knowledge Base Cross-cutting themes / Other
Engineering and Flow Materials and Thermal Physical Ionising Radiation Chemical and Biological Software for Metrology
Connectivity and Spectrum Management Mechanical tolerances of connectors and RF components Temperature management in physical interconnect EMC and RF interference and interaction, loss and cross-talk in conductors, RF antenna characterisation, measurement and transfer standards at 100GHz   Dosimetry for RF radiation Network validation, deep packet inspection at higher than 100GHz, perceived quality of voice and video and testing complex systems Human factors, health physics, consumer friendly device labelling for interoperability, and neutral global standards
Data into Knowledge           Data fusion, testing complex systems, data fit for purpose, pattern recognition, data provenance, measurement of knowledge, and standards for search quality  
Auto Identification and Remote Sensing     Low cost, low power, high reliability sensors, RFID range, RFID power and sensitivity, RF antenna characterisation     RFID reliability of reads and inferring holes in data, data fusion and testing complex systems Neutral global standards
Security and Integrity           Secure key exchange, strength of encryption, data fit for purpose, pattern recognition, data provenance, and trust Trust and neutral global standards