Technology Roadmaps: Measurement Priorities for Design Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing

The table below shows some measurement needs for the UK across key areas. The information is displayed according to where it fits into the NMS programmes. Click on any section for more information on that sector.

The given priority application areas were originally agreed at a series of roadmapping meetings. If you would like details of the prioritisation process or would like to comment on any aspect of the roadmaps, please complete the feedback form

Priority Application Areas Knowledge Base Cross-cutting themes / Other
Engineering and Flow Materials and Thermal Physical Ionising Radiation Chemical and Biological Software for Metrology
Modelling Flow modelling and characterisation of 3D models Material parameter database, process models, understanding linkage structure and its relation to properties Modelling degradation     Reliable models, robust software, validation, integrating measurement results into design tools, modelling assemblies Correlation of models against reality, feedback of capability to design
Self-diagnostic Products and Sensors Micro movement in sensors, in-service/ dynamic pressure and flow in harsh environments, edge measurement, dynamic calibration for pressure and flow Sensor calibration for temperature, defect / damage detection Online defect / damage detection, wireless sensor transmission and signal processing, validation   Wear monitoring Software and post processing, data fusion Confidence in monitoring techniques, comparison measurements between techniques, data fusion, global standards
Advanced and Nanomaterials Dynamic process measurement for pressure and flow, nano-molding at less than 1 mm In-process material behaviour, material properties under extreme or compound conditions, properties of natural materials, residual life Electrical and magnetic properties   Nano particulates and surfaces, characterisation and degradation of biomaterials, adsorption (e.g. MEMS), toxicity of new materials    
Quality Control and Process Capability In-process monitoring, go / no-go for 3D shapes, measurement of complex or internal features, cross calibration, femtometre In-process monitoring of temperature, process models Nondestructive examination, for example in joints and composites   In-process monitoring of chemical properties Measurement uncertainties for example in CMMS and photogrammetry, non-normal distribution in process control Robust shop floor metrology, high speed calibration of machine tools, cause of product variation from same process
Life Cycle Analysis Tools   Data sets and models for life cycle analysis     Carbon footprint Life cycle analysis modelling and electronic data exchange Life cycle analysis and carbon footprint standards and models, public awareness and physical input and output analysis