Technology Roadmaps: Environmentally Friendly Transport

The table below shows some measurement needs for the UK across key areas. The information is displayed according to where it fits into the NMS programmes. Click on any section for more information on that sector.

The given priority application areas were originally agreed at a series of roadmapping meetings. If you would like details of the prioritisation process or would like to comment on any aspect of the roadmaps, please complete the feedback form

Priority Application Areas Knowledge Base Cross-cutting themes / Other
Engineering and Flow Materials and Thermal Physical Ionising Radiation Chemical and Biological Software for Metrology
Advanced Materials Nano and microsurfaces, and membranes High strength and lightweight material properties, tribology, nanostructures, interfaces, joining, coatings, and damage detection Acoustic emissions for condition monitoring   Surface chemistry, and membranes Life prediction and modelling, and sensor fusion Sensing in adverse conditions, low cost and high reliability sensors, data fusion, remote and non-intrusive measurements, self diagnostic sensors, micro and nano surface and structure, standards and key performance indicators for environmental impact
Road Pricing, Traffic Management and Network Control     EMC for vehicles, vehicle identification, on vehicle radar, GPS dependability   NOx, particulates, in-vehicle and real-time ambient Biometrics, system modelling
Sensors for Vehicle Development Rotor clearance, test cell thrust, gas flow, strain and fatigue, and loads Temperature profiling and crystalline structures Acoustic, laser, microwave, and X-ray   Combustion composition, particulates, and flame/ burn rate Combustion modelling, sensor fusion, and networked sensors
Fuel Cell and Alternative Fuels   Nano and micro material characterisation, membranes and fuel cells     NOx, particulates, membranes, catalysts, and hydrogen flame detection