Technology Roadmaps: A More Secure Environment

The table below shows some measurement needs for the UK across key areas. The information is displayed according to where it fits into the NMS programmes. Click on any section for more information on that sector.

The given priority application areas were originally agreed at a series of roadmapping meetings. If you would like details of the prioritisation process or would like to comment on any aspect of the roadmaps, please complete the feedback form

Priority Application Areas Knowledge Base Cross-cutting themes / Other
Engineering and Flow Materials and Thermal Physical Ionising Radiation Chemical and Biological Software for Metrology
Data Fusion for Threat Detection Systems Dispersion modelling, and STEP engineering standards   Image data, enhancement, and fingerprint data   Test atmospheres, validation, standards, and background establishment. Data handling, security, traceability and spotting anomalous trends. Standards and protocols for dataset fusion, interpretation and communication, mathematical and statistical models for data fusion, visualisation of fused data, pattern matching, ID data and interpretation
Remote and Stand-off Sensing   Robustness of processes for surface trace detection Parts per million / billion detection at a distance using a range of physical techniques Rapid chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive techniques Calibration, method validation, specificity and robustness, and improved sampling methods Validation of multi-variant statistical software
Integrated Test Systems Multiphase microflow monitoring, efficacy of multiphase sample systems MEMS testing and quality control Miniaturisation techniques, particulate contamination detection, networking and communications   Novel specific detectors including gases and particulates, electrochemical and bio-processing methods Validation and characterisation of measurements and thresholds
ID Authentication for All Entities     Standards for identity of entities, automatic bio-validation of multiple attributes of one ID, and RFID techniques   Automated biometric validation processes, and other bioprocesses. Data validation and comparison, identifying false positives and negatives